North Texas Assessors Take Note

By Rod Curry
North Texas Soccer SDA

Below is an excerpt from an email sent out in late 2012 by referee chairman Fred Hiler. Please note that assessors were included in that email:

All 2012 and 2013 registered referees, assignors, assessors and instructors are receiving this email. You may receive it multiple times based on your registration.

The North Texas Soccer President, Billy Babcock, stated at the North Texas Soccer AGM this last July that goals must be anchored. He further stated that he was giving instructions for the referee program to distribute to all North Texas referees. Those instructions were, “No match may be started until both goals are anchored.”

As assessors, we should check the goals prior to the match and inform the referee of the issue, to help North Texas Soccer with a major safety concern.

I have attended several matches this season as a spectator where the goals were not properly anchored at the start of the match.

In one situation, the method by which the goal was anchored created a new issue that caused a safety issue for spectators. The goal post had small nylon rope tied to the bottom cross bar and stretched about six inches off the ground to the fence behind the goal. A spectator walking behind the goal to far side of the field was watching play and never saw the rope, tripping and falling to the ground. Luckily, the spectator did not fall into the post and was not badly injured.

Please be diligent on this safety issue when assessing by informing the referee crew when you notice goals not properly anchored. You will help prevent unnecessary injury and prevent a referee from failing an assessment before the match even starts.

We are all part of the same team as assessors for North Texas Soccer.

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