Youth Modules:
The Role of the On-Site Coordinator

North Texas Soccer has made its final move to the “Age-Specific” Youth Module branding for Coaching Clinics; the On-Site Coordinator will become a more important element in coaching education and will have some additional responsibilities.

Along with completing the Age-Specific Youth Module Request Form and submitting it to the North Texas Soccer office, below is a review of responsibilities for the On-Site Coordinator. Many are old and a few are new.

The Age-Specific Youth Module Request Form needs to be completed with such information as contact person, contact information and date(s) of the coaching clinic, along with locations for both the lecture and field portions of the clinic. The current deposit amount, first 15 coaches, is submitted with the Request Form. For scheduling purposes, the Request Form can be faxed (214 297-5030) or e-mailed ( to the North Texas office with the deposit check to follow.

A request for a preferred instructor, approved by North Texas Soccer, should be submitted along with the Request Form. North Texas will attempt to honor this request. A four-week notice is still required to host a Youth Module Coaching Clinic.

So what is new for the On-Site Coordinator?

What is new for all of the Age-Specific Youth Modules is the delivery of the coaching manual to the coaches. Coaches who register for a Youth Module Coaching Clinic with the hosting association will be directed by the On-Site Coordinator to download the coaching manual from a North Texas Soccer web site and bring the coaching manual with them to the clinic, in either a printed or electronic format. The On-Site Coordinator should have a few printed copies of the coaching manual available for “walk-in” coaches.

With the ability to download the coaching manual, the learning process can begin before a coach attends the coaching clinic. The downloading of the coaching manual is the current trend in coaching education. The download web site for the coaching manual is listed on the request form in RED.

The new updated Youth Module courses also have a video review/analysis feature. Therefore, the hosting association is responsible for providing video technology for this new feature. It can be as simple as a TV with an attached DVD player, or as sophisticated as a laptop connected to a projector with sound. The On-Site Coordinator will be responsible for video technology setup, and for providing any operational instructions.

The On-Site Coordinator will still manage the registration process, enforce any association attendance policy, and collect clinic fees from coaches, if any. Instructors will take a class roster and submit them to North Texas Soccer for final billing.

Age-Specific Youth Module Request Forms can be found at this North Texas Soccer web site. Any Request Forms that request the old “G” or “F” Coaching Clinics will be converted to the respective Age-Specific Youth Module Request.

If you have any questions, contact Fred Jones, Chairman Coaching Education,

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