NTSSA to offer U.S. Soccer's
National "E" Coaching Clinic

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, NTSSA will be conducting the National "E" Coaching Clinic as part of our National Coaching License program. The National "E" Coaching Clinic curriculum contains age-specific field and classroom activities for coaches of U12 players.

The National "E" Coaching Clinic is the entry point into the U.S. Soccer National Coaching Education program. A National "E" Coaching license is required to attend the National "D" Coaching Clinic. At this time, both the National "E" and "D" are required to attend the National "C" Coaching School. There is a six-month waiting period between the National "E" Coaching Clinic and the National "D" Coaching Clinic.

New sessions have been added to the National "E" Coaching clinic and other sessions have been updated. New to the clinic will be sessions on the Small-Sided Games teaching method, including both field and lecture activities. Also new to the course are pre-course assignments, candidates' presentations, and candidate practical testing. The Principal of Play modules have been updated with field and classroom activities that are age-specific. The use of videos has been incorporated into the course.

This clinic will begin on Friday evening with lectures, candidates' presentations, and clinic assignments. Saturday will be filled with field and classroom activities. On Sunday, coaches will participate in video analysis, presentations, field activities and the candidates' practical testing for their National "E" Coaching License.

For the practical testing, a coach will be assigned a technical/tactical topic on Friday night. The coach will be coaching youth players, aged U12, and will be graded on his/her ability to progressively move them through the stages of the Small-Sided Games training model.

For those coaches within North Texas that currently hold a State "E" Coaching License, they will be unofficially "grandfathered" into the National "D" Coaching clinic hosted by NTSSA. However, it is the recommendations of U.S. Soccer's Coaching Education department that these coaches take the National "E" Coaching Clinic before attempting the National "D" Coaching Clinic.

For hosting associations, there will be additional responsibilities they must provide to request hosting the National "E" Coaching clinic. The hosting association must provide, as a minimum, 16 U12 players (boys, girls, complete teams) for the Sunday afternoon practical testing along with the ability to play instructional videos (DVD player and TV, as a minimum). The hosting association must have the ability to contact registered candidates with information about Internet websites for pre-course assignments and coaching manuals, and must provide printed coaching manuals for last-minute registered coaches and those without an Internet connection. Coaches will also be required to download related coaching manuals for this clinic from U.S. Soccer's website.

North Texas will schedule the first National "E" Coaching clinic in mid-January, 2012. Check the North Texas Soccer web site, www.ntxsoccer.org, for clinic dates and registration information.

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