New Coaching Youth Modules Take Effect This Month

"G" and "F" coaching clinics replaced by newer, more efficient courses

Yes, we all have important dates in our lives — for Coaching Education, Oct. 1 was such a day, marking the adoption of "Youth Module" branding for North Texas' non-USSF Coaching Clinics.

The U6-U8 Youth Module will replace the "G" Coaching Clinic. The U10 Youth Module will replace the "F" Coaching Clinic. A new coaching module has also been added for the U12 age group, the U12 Youth Module. The move to a "Youth Module" branding will allow North Texas to easily add new Youth Modules as needed and allow for a new delivery method for the classroom Coaching Manual.

For the U6-U8 Youth Module, a coach has two options — either an on-line lecture/field format, linked here, or the traditional classroom/field format. The field portion of the on-line option will be two-and-a-half hours. There is no change in the traditional classroom/field format: two hours of lecture and video review followed by two hours of field activities. Both options are targeted at the first time coach/parent volunteer with lecture and field activities for these age groups, U6-U8. Coaches attending either will still receive the Novice Coach Vo. 1 DVD.

The U10 Youth Module is for the more experienced coach and is taught in the traditional classroom/field format. The module is still eight hours long. Those coaches attending this module will still receive Novice Coach Vol. 2 DVD.

For the U12 age group, a new module has been added, the U12 Youth Module. This module is 12 hours long, including five hours of lectures and seven hours of field activities. The lecture will contain a review of USSF's documents, and discussions on Principles of Play and Systems of Play. Field activities will contain three goalkeeper activities and demonstrations of Principles of Play.

For a more detailed description of each Youth Module and USSF National-branded Coaching Schools, visit the Coaching Page at

The Coaching Manuals for each of the Youth Modules have also been updated and condensed. Coaches who have registered for a Youth Module will be instructed on how to download the Coaching Manual from the North Texas website by the On-Site Coordinator. This will allow the coach to immediately begin his/her coaching education. They will bring this Coaching Manual with them to the classroom lecture in either a printed or electronic format.

The hosting association's On-Site Coordinator will be responsible for the distribution of the Coaching Manual website for the appropriate Youth Module. To request the traditional classroom/field Youth Module, complete the age-specific Youth Module Request Form and send to the North Texas office along with the deposit.

The On-Site Coordinator should have a few printed copies of the Coaching Manuals available for late arrivals/"walk-ins." Each Youth Module lecture will have a video review activity; video technology will be needed in the lecture room. A review of the new module hosting responsibilities can be found on the Request Form linked above. PLEASE read before hosting.

Local playing associations are encouraged to make changes to their rules to reflect the changes to Youth Modules for their minimum coaching license requirement.

On-line resources currently available at the North Texas web site are:


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