Pitch Q&A, October 2011

Following refer to the "Laws of the Game" for outdoor:

  1. Play is stopped because the goalkeeper, within his/her penalty area, played the ball with his/her hands after it had been deliberately kicked to him/her by a teammate. The proper restart is:
    1. Direct Free Kick
    2. Penalty Kick
    3. Indirect Free Kick
    4. Dropped ball
    5. None of the above
  2. Play is stopped when an opponent prevents the goalkeeper from throwing the ball from within his own penalty area. The proper restart is:
    1. Corner kick
    2. Goal kick
    3. Penalty Kick
    4. Direct Free Kick
    5. Indirect Free Kick
  3. At the taking of a penalty kick, if the kicking team infringes the Laws of the Game before the kick is taken and the ball is saved and controlled by the goalkeeper, the referee should allow play to continue and give the goalkeeper's team the advantage.
    1. True
    2. False

Following questions pertain to Indoor Soccer:

  1. An adult men's team begins play with four players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. At the 13th minute, the goalkeeper intentionally trips an opponent inside the penalty area. The referee stops play for the foul and issues a blue card time penalty to the goalkeeper. Play is restarted with:
    1. Penalty shoot-out
    2. Penalty kick
    3. Game terminated
  2. A defender other than the goalkeeper intentionally reaches up with his hands and stops a shot on goal, outside of the penalty area. The referee shall:
    1. Eject the defender, free kick where the foul occurred
    2. Blue card the defender, free kick at top of penalty arc
    3. Blue card the defender, restart with a penalty shoot-out
    4. Eject the defender, penalty kick
  3. With active play going, the goalkeeper for the orange team runs off the floor onto his team bench and removes his shirt to give it to another player, so they can become the goalkeeper. The exchange takes less than 15 seconds. The referee shall:
    1. Do nothing, team is allowed 15 seconds to complete substitutions
    2. Blue card to team for illegal substitution
    3. Blue card goalkeeper, who left the floor without permission
    4. Yellow card coach for playing without a goalkeeper

Following are an assessor's outlook:

  1. When the referee whistles for a penalty kick, the lead assistant referee should:
    1. Stand erect with flag between legs pointing down
    2. Stands erect holding the flag across lower body
    3. Move to the intersection of the goal line and goal area line
    4. Move to the corner flag
  2. During the penalty kick, the goalkeeper moved and prevented a goal. The lead assistant referee then:
    1. Waves the flag to get the referee's attention
    2. Stays in position and signals by holding the flag across the lower body
    3. Raises the flag straight up and waits for referee to acknowledge
  3. If play continues, the lead assistant should:
    1. Quickly resume position to judge offside by sprinting to the corner flag and then up field to new position
    2. Waits for a signal from the referee to move to new position
    3. Quickly resume the position to judge offside (cutting the corner of field if necessary) keeping play in view


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