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The following questions refer to the “Laws of the Game” for outdoor:

  1. Play is stopped for kicking the ball when it is dangerously close to an opponent's face. The proper restart is:
    1. direct free kick
    2. indirect free kick
    3. dropped ball
  2. While recording a player’s information prior to cautioning for a reckless challenge, you decide the player is also dissenting from your decision. You should:
    1. caution, and show the guilty player a yellow card
    2. send off, and show the guilty player a red card
    3. first show a yellow card, then send off and show the guilty player a red card
    4. for this incident, neither a caution nor a send-off is directed by the Laws of the Game
  3. The referee may apply advantage during the following situations:
    1. misconduct
    2. an offside infraction where the goalkeeper ends up with the ball
    3. a foul
    4. all of the above
    5. (A) and (C) only restarts

The following questions pertain to Indoor Soccer:

  1. In a CO-ED game, a female goalkeeper takes possession of the ball after a shot on goal. She puts the ball to the floor and dribbles out past the first yellow line, then plays the ball long to a teammate at the other end of the floor. The ball is not touched by her teammate, makes slight contact with the opposing goalkeeper and rolls into his goal. The proper ruling is:
    1. No goal
    2. Goal, 1 point
    3. Goal, 2 points
  2. A penalty shoot-out is awarded. The kicker kicks the ball once, playing it off the perimeter wall to gain space, then collects the ball off of the boards, shoots and scores. The referee shall:
    1. Disallow the goal, 2 touch violation by the kicker
    2. Allow goal, no infringement
  3. At the taking of a goalkeeper distribution, the goalkeeper loses possession of the ball before it leaves the penalty area. An alert attacker quickly moves in and plays the ball direct into the goal. The referee shall:
    1. Disallow the goal
    2. Allow the goal

The following question pertain to an assessor’s outlook:

  1. When a substitution is requested, the fourth official should confirm the substitute by checking that:
    1. He/she is on the official roster
    2. He/she has an authentic substitution pass
    3. His/her equipment conforms to law 4
    4. All of the above
  2. While waiting for the referee’s acknowledgment, the Fourth Official should:
    1. Stand at the halfway line with substitute directly beside him
    2. Stand at the halfway line with the substitute slightly behind him and on bench side
    3. Stand at halfway line with the substitute directly behind him
  3. If both teams are requesting a substitution the fourth official should:
    1. Place both substitutes directly to his left
    2. Place both substitutes directly to his right
    3. Keep both substitutes on their respective bench sides


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