Time to Schedule
Fall Coaching Clinics

Yes, the Fall soccer season is just around the corner and it is time to begin scheduling coaching clinics for the various age groups with in the associations. For this Fall, associations can offer their coaches the option to attend a coaching clinic on-line, followed by a field training event, or attend the traditional classroom/field coaching clinic.

On-Line Coaching Education

The new and/or first-time parent volunteer/coach, or a returning coach, should attend the U6-U8 Youth Module, either in the On-Line format or the traditional classroom format. The experienced coach can attend the U10-U12 Youth Module course, in either format. This On-Line Coaching Education Course is offered thru US Youth Soccer. Coaches can take the lecture (theory) part of an age-specific Youth Coaching Module at their leisure. To register for an On-Line Coaching Education Clinic, visit this web site: http://www.ntxsoccer.org/coaching/onlineregistration.aspx

During the course registration, the coach will select a Field Training Event to attend to complete the course requirements for their Youth Coaching Module Certificate. Those coaches attending the Field Training Event will receive a copy of the Novice Coach DVD, Vol. 1 (for the U6-U8 Youth Module) (for Vol. 2 for the U10-U12 Youth Module).

Associations wishing to host a Field Training Event (FTE) need to complete the “On-line Field Training Event (FTE) Request Form” found at the website in this paragraph. Complete the form and send it to the North Texas office. Web site for this form and other coaching education forms is http://www.ntxsoccer.org/coachingforms.aspx.

FTE requests are also On-line (U6-U8 Field Training Event Request and U10-U12 Field Training Event Request) and found at the same site above. Once completed, encourage the coaches to take the On-Line course and register themselves into the Field Training Event scheduled at their own, or any other, association. They must complete the On-Line portion before attending a Field Training Event.

Traditional Classroom/field Coaching Education

For the traditional Coaching Clinic, associations can schedule the following clinics: the U6-U8 Youth Module, the U10 Youth Module, or the U12 Youth Module. For all classroom Youth Modules, the Coaching Manual is in a download format from the North Texas Soccer web site. Each coach will be given the download site by the clinic’s On-Site Coordinator. Coaches should bring the manual with them to the clinic in either a printed or electronic format. The On-Site Coordinator should have several manuals printed for walk-in attendees. The Novice Coach Vol. 1 DVD is given to those attending the U6-U8 Youth Module and the Novice Coach Vol. 2 DVD is given to those attending the U10 Youth Module.

The Laws of the Game Made Easy is also now available to all coaches and parents in an association. It can be downloaded from the North Texas Soccer web site, at either of these locations: http://www.ntxsoccer.org/coachingforms.aspx or http://www.ntxsoccer.org/refereeforms.aspx.

Field Activities Coaching Manuals for the U6-U8 and the U10/U12 age groups can be found at this web site, http://www.ntxsoccer.org/coaching/fieldactivities.aspx. Also on this site is a link to US Youth Soccer’s “Assistant Coach Series” for these age groups.

The USSF National “E” Coaching School can also be hosted by local associations. The 2013 National “D” Coaching School will be hosted only by North Texas or in partnership with an association. To host the National “E” Coaching School, complete the National “E” Clinic Request Form and submit it to North Texas. For all National Coaching Schools, “E” and “D” candidates’ registration and payment are made through the North Texas Soccer web site. Pre-course work is required for both of these Coaching Schools. Candidate guidebook or course manuals are in a download format from the U.S. Soccer web site, www.ussoccer.com.

For an overview of the Youth Modules and National Coaching Schools offered by North Texas Soccer, visit http://www.ntxsoccer.org/coaching/main.aspx.

So, start planning for your coaching clinics today, get your requests in early, and remember, “Better coaches product better players.”


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