ODP Open Tryouts Announced

North Texas Soccer is seeking the best players in the state — do you have what it takes to compete with the nation’s top players?

NTSSA is seeking the BEST players, boys and girls, in North Texas! We are looking for technical players in the 1996-2001 age groups who are skilled, creative, smart, have strong character, and possess the competitive fire to compete at the highest level in their age group.

For the 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 birth years, the tryouts will be over two days, comprising two, two-hour sessions. Cost is a one-time fee of $50 regardless of whether players attend one or both tryout dates. It is NOT mandatory to attend both tryout dates. However, players are HIGHLY encouraged to attend both tryout dates to ensure the best possible evaluation(s) for acceptance to ODP.

Birth Year

For the first tryout, boys and girls will be split by birthdates. Players born in the first six months of their birth year will be separated from players born in the second six months of their birth year. We recognize the difference in competitive experience of the boys and girls trying out and we cater for realistic vs. unrealistic expectations in the initial stages of the tryout process. We have one eye on the present and one eye on the future soccer player. Player development is a long-term process.

Player Positions

Players will be divided by position for the first tryout (i.e. goalkeepers, fullbacks, central defenders, outside midfielders, center midfielders, forwards). They will stay in this group for the first tryout. For the second and third tryouts, players will be placed onto teams. 


Boys and girls will be evaluated on their technical execution in the skills of the game:

Ball ControlShieldingCrossingTurning
Running with the ballTacklingHeadingGoalkeeping

Opposed practice will be evaluated in the following:



There will be two NTX ODP staff coaches per 16 players. One staff coach will organize and run the session. The senior staff coach will evaluate/grade the players. The staff will be relaxed, player-centered and helpful. At the tryout stage, no coaching/instruction will be given so that we can see if the players know and can do the tasks assigned during the tryouts.

The Mission of North Texas ODP

The purpose of the NTX Olympic Development Program is to identify and develop the top players in the state, in partnership with the competitive clubs and teams statewide. Our focus is player development. Working together with our competitive leagues, clubs and teams, we complement each other and, through this process, the level of play within the state is impacted in a positive manner.

NTSSA ODP is an opportunity, a pathway, for elite player development — the "best of the best" in the state. Participants playing at this higher level will be challenged technically, tactically, physically and mentally. Gifted boys and girls will learn on their feet, play quicker and be on their toes as every facet of their game will be stretched. We aim to elevate the game of the truly elite players.

Like a pyramid, we start with a big base — a strong foundation — and have a large pool of 100 players. From this pool we select four teams. Each year we reduce the teams from four, to three, to two, to one as the boys and girls mature. "The cream rises to the top" — only the gifted, with the right drive, desire and determination to succeed persist and remain.

ODP provides an efficient, yet relaxed, environment where the truly gifted players will excel. The program is player development-oriented, not results-oriented. Practice is deliberate and progresses from simple to complex. Games are played at a high level. The coaching staff is player-centered, using a soft approach and few words — “one ounce of theory to a ton of practice” — with lots of praise; clear, concise, simple, and honest feedback, and no shouting. Young players are given opportunities to make decisions and solve problems — we give them cues and clues, not answers.

We have found, over the years, this developmental approach speeds up learning to create the best all-around experience. The list below is an example of just a few players over the years that have benefited from this program:

1983Clint Dempsey (USA, Fulham, Premier Div)Brittany Barakat (Univ. Connecticut))
1984Drew Moor (Colorado, MLS)Kasey White (USA U21)
1985Ramone Nunez (Leeds, Honduras)Kerri Hanks (USA U19, U20,Herman winner 2 yrs)
1986Chase Wileman (USA U17)Amy Berend (USA U20)
1987Jose Torres (Pachuca, Mexico 1st Div)Natalie and Cydne Currie (TX. A & M)
1988Corben Bone (Chicago, MLS)Kat Lagow (LSU)
1989Jarred Jeffrey (USA U20; Mainz,Bundesliga)Melissa Henderson (USA U23)
1990TJ Eaton (USA U17)Ashley Rape (USA U18)
1991Dillon Powers (USA U20; Gatorade player of yr)Alina Garciamendez (Mexico Natl. Team)
1992Alfred Koroma (USA U17)Chioma Ubogagu (USA U20)
1993Jeffrey Torda (Reg III)Taylor Smith (USA U17)
1994Matthew Dunn (USA U17)Casie and Brooke Ramsier (Reg III)
1995Kellyn Acosta (USA U17)Claire Wheatley (USA U17)
1996Alan Winn (Reg III)Kristina Schultz (Reg III)
1997Jacob Hernandez (Reg III)Mimi Asom (Reg III)
1998Ben Hale (Reg III)Jordan Harr (USA U14)
1999Paxton Pomykaal (Reg III)Jenna Wilt (Reg III)
2000Jalen James (Reg III)Unnamed


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