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Yes, it is that time of the year again. The new soccer year and the fall playing season are just around the corner and it is time for coaching clinics. A local association can host a coaching clinic(s) and/or a coach can attend a clinic within the North Texas State area.

For the local association to host a Coaching Clinic, all they have to do is ask! There is nothing magical about it. Visit the North Texas web site, and select a Coaching Clinic Request Form for the desired Coaching Clinic the local association would like to host. Complete the Coaching Clinic Request Form and send it, along with the deposit, to the NTSSA office ó we will do the rest!

Coaches looking for a clinic can visit the North Texas Coaches Calendar at, and then select a month. Once you identify a clinic you would like to attend, contact the on-site coordinator to register. Donít forget your soccer ball and water.

As a reminder, NTSSA has four State Coaching Clinics; "G", "F", "E", and the "D". NTSSA also hosts two National Coaching Schools. In the summer the National "C" Coaching School is hosted. Next year, in late January or early February, the National Youth License Coaching School is planned to be offered. Check the NTSSA web site for announcements and dates.

Along with these coaching clinics, NTSSA is offering a new coaching clinic announced at the July AGM, the "COACHES FIELD CLINIC". This is a field-only clinic that is age-specific, as requested. A goalkeeping session can also be requested. The intended audience is for the new coach who has missed the coaching education cycle, or those who just want a refresher. No license is awarded or take-away materials offered.

For those just starting out at the U6/U8 level, the "G" Coaching clinic is ideal. It is for the new/first time volunteer coach who knows little-to-nothing about soccer or these age groups. Lecture topics and field activities are designed for these young age groups. Course materials include a Coaching Manual, a Novice Coach DVD Volume I, and the Laws of the Game Made Easy.

For coaches moving up to or starting at the U10 age group, the "F" Coaching clinic has age-appropriate lecture and field activities. Basic goalkeeping technique is a field session. Course materials are a Coaching Manual, a Novice Coach DVD Volume II, and the Laws of the Game book.

For the more serious coach coaching at the U12 level, the "E" Coaching clinic is the one to attend. An "F" Coaching License is the prerequisite for this clinic. Coaches will be introduced to the Principles of Play and additional goalkeeping skills. The "E" Coaching License is the prerequisite for the "D" Coaching Clinic. Course materials include a Coaching Manual and the Laws of the Game book.

To those seeking a National Coaching License, the journey begins with the "D" Coaching Clinic. This clinic has topics and field activities for the U14 and up age groups. Principles of Play are expanded, along with other technical/tactical topics. The course includes a "D" Coaching Workbook. A National "D" Coaching License is needed in order to attend the National "C" Coaching School.

Information about the National "C" Coaching School, National Youth License, and other National Coaching Schools can be obtained at the US Soccer web site,

Remember, "Better coaches produce better players," so find a coaching clinic and get started! To view a complete list of upcoming coaching clinics in your area, click here!

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