A Baseline Test is as Important as
Any Physical Evaluation

Whenever a new athlete starts training with us — whether a professional or a young athlete — we put them through a series of physical evaluations to identify any injuries or training restrictions, and to get a sense of where they are, physically.

Sometimes, based on the results (and especially if an athlete was previously injured), we will not allow them to fully return to training until we know they can move and function as well as they could pre-injury, so that they avoid further problems.

As important as it is for youth athletes to receive the physical evaluation to be able to safely train, it’s even more important to have a baseline concussion test to know when it’s safe to return to activity.

If you were to injure your ankle or knee, there would be specific physical tests you would have to pass to know that you can safely return to playing soccer. A baseline test provides that same opportunity, since the effects of a concussion aren’t always as physically evident as other injuries.

Having a baseline test allows you and your doctor the ability to compare your pre- and post-concussion scores to know whether it is safe for you to return to activity. It can even lessen the amount of time you need to sit out, as it eliminates some of the “guessing game” of when it is safe for you to return.

Baseline testing is a simple process which can offer great benefits for your health, should you ever suffer a concussion. For more information on the importance of baseline testing, what it entails, and how you can take your own baseline test, check out this information from our partner Axon Sports.

You train hard, eat well and recover to make sure you can play your at your best – taking a baseline test provides you the opportunity to take care of your most important playing asset, your health, in both the short- and long-term.


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