North Texas Soccer has brought referee registration and testing, clinic requests and clinic registration online through GameOfficials.

Referees will go online and maintain their own contact information. In order for referees to register, they must go online and sign up for a recert clinic for their referee grade. Grade 08 and Grade 09 referees will be tested online when they register for a recert clinic. They will also go through a Background Check (depending on age) prior to testing and payment. The Background Check should take very little time to process.

When a referee is approved, the process will continue. If they are not approved, it will tell the referee they are under review. The Risk Management Committee will review those and contact them with the results of the review. Those approved will then go back and continue the process.

Once the referee passes the recert test, the system will ask for payment. Once payment is made, the referee is registered through North Texas Soccer.

We will send the registrations via the Internet to U.S. Soccer on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will solve the registration problems we have been experiencing with U.S. Soccer (not showing up in U.S. Soccer database, late or no badges).

Grade 07 and higher grades will also sign up online. However, they will have to attend a clinic in person to earn their hours of inservice instruction and take their tests (in the future, tests will also be online). Grade 07 and above referees will be registered when they complete all their requirements for their grade. There is a link on the North Texas Soccer website that will bring up the web page for the scheduled clinics. The link is under "Referees" and is listed as "Referee Clinics."

Clinic requests are now being done online. Associations requesting clinics will fill out the clinic information online, similar to the paper form in the past. They will put in the date and times they are requesting, following the guidelines of not more than eight hours a day plus a required lunch break for all clinics longer than five hours. Special requests should be noted on the request.

When the request is entered and submitted, an email will be sent to the requestor to verify the request. If the request is not verified through the email, the request will not be submitted. Once verified, the clinic assignor will be notified, and when the clinic is approved, it will be ready for individuals to sign up.

All clinic registration will be done online. In order to attend a clinic, an individual must register online. To select the clinic, the individual will go to the North Texas Soccer website under "Referees" and click "Referee Clinics." When registering online, the individual will enter their personal information. When the information is submitted, the system will process the information through a Background Check (depending on the age of the individual). As described above, once the individual is approved, payment for the clinic will be required. Once the payment is accepted, the individual is registered for that clinic.

Currently, payments may be made by Visa or Master Card. Soon, payments by e-Check will be accepted.

Thank you for all of your help and support in the referee program, as well as in North Texas Soccer.

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