The new National “D” Coaching School coming in July 2013

U.S. Soccer announced in October 2012 the new format for the National "D" Coaching School starting July 1, 2013. Along with updates to the curriculum, the major change is the addition of active coaching sessions before the first weekend and in between the first and second weekends. A minimum 10-12 week time period has been added in between the first and second to allow candidates to practice with their team/teams topics presented/assigned in the first weekend.

The new National "D" Coaching School has four phases: Preparation Phase, Instructional Phase, Deliberate Practice Phase, and the Performance Review Phase. The coaching school is still 38 hours long with graded practical sessions in the second weekend.

The Preparation Phase is the six-month (or longer) period of time after the candidate has obtained his or her National "E" Coaching License. The State "E" Coaching License will still be honored as a prerequisite for attending the new National “D” Coaching School. During this time, the candidate will have five pre-assigned training sessions to be conducted with their team/teams. A short, written report/evaluation for each training session will be turned in at the beginning of the first weekend. One session will need to be observed and evaluated by a USSF "C"- or higher-licensed coach.

The Instructional Phase is the first weekend of lectures and field activities. This is the first face-to-face meeting with the instructors. Pre-assigned training sessions for the next phase, Deliberate Practice Phase, will be reviewed, discussed and assigned.

The Deliberate Practice Phase is the 10-12 week time period between the first and second weekends. The candidate will chose five training sessions from a list of 12 training sessions. Two will be from attacking sessions, two from defending sessions and one from goalkeeping sessions. One session will need to be observed and evaluated by a USSF "C"- or higher-licensed coach. A short report/evaluation on each training session will be turned in at the beginning of the second weekend.

The Performance Review Phase will be the second weekend after the Deliberate Practice Phase. Candidates will participate in on-field exams. Grading format for candidates will be one of the following: a National “D” License, a State “D” License, or a Not Ready.

Educational "Tracks" are being developed by North Texas that will allow the candidate to be with their team/teams during both the Preparation and Deliberate Practice Phases. North Texas is planning on hosting the new National "D" Coaching School in August for the Instructional Phase and late October or early November for the Performance Review Phase. Candidates will be with their fall team/teams during the Deliberate Practice Phase. Check the North Texas web site for actual dates.

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