The Hurry-Up Guide to Preventing Aches and Pains

Before you check out this month's article from Athletes' Performance to help you improve your game, click here to see how the Athletes' Performance team is preparing the German and Polish national teams for the upcoming European championships. The same training system used to train these elite athletes and teams is the system described in these articles and available to young athletes at our location in Frisco, TX.

This month's article comes from Sue Falsone, vice president of performance physical therapy for Athletes' Performance, who also currently serves as the head athletic trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has also recently worked with the U.S. Men's National Team. One of the best ways to improve performance is to make sure you stay injury-free and able to train and play as much as possible. In this article, Sue talks about the simple strategies you can implement daily to avoid common aches and pains.

Want to keep improving in the gym? Don't get injured. If you stay healthy and train consistently, you'll almost certainly improve. Simple enough, right?

Here's the thing: Most injuries don't happen by colliding with a tree or a 300-pound defender. They're usually non-contact, meaning they result from doing too little physical activity, too much of the same activity, or just doing the wrong things in the gym.

In other words, most injuries are avoidable, but you need to work at avoiding them. No matter how busy your schedule, there are some simple things you can do every day to help prevent pain and injury—and keep making strides in your training program.

Click here for the best tips to prevent injury to help you stay on the field and improving your game.


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