Following refer to the “Laws of the Game” for outdoor.

This month’s questions all involve the principles and myths of Law 11 – Offside.

  1. Which of the following is required for a player to be in an offside position at the moment the ball is last played or touched by a teammate?
    1. In the attacking half of the field
    2. Nearer to the opponent’s goal line than the second-to-last defender
    3. Nearer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball
    4. All of the above are required
  2. The requirement to “Wait and See“ means that a player in an offside position must touch the ball before there is an offside infringement. This is true even if the attacker is interfering with an opponent by making a movement or gesture which deceives or distracts that opponent.
    1. True
    2. False
  3. If a forward in an offside position enters inside the goal (over the goal line and between the posts) during an attack and a teammate kicks the ball into the goal, the Referee should:
    1. Make the offside call and disallow the goal, regardless of the player’s actions.
    2. Allow the goal as long as the player has remained stationary and has not interfered with the goalkeeper either physically or verbally.
    3. Allow the goal; Caution the player for leaving the field without the referee’s permission.
    4. If the player shouts at the goalkeeper and distracts him; Disallow the goal, Caution the player and restart with an Indirect Free Kick.

Following questions pertain to Indoor Soccer:

  1. In a CO-ED game, a male attacker takes a shot from outside the red line, the ball rebounds off of the goalkeeper, the shooter crosses the red line and takes another shot putting the ball into the goal. Is this a legal goal?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  2. With fewer than five seconds left on the game clock a player is fouled from behind by the next-to-last defender, just outside of the penalty area. How is play restarted?
    1. Penalty kick awarded, game over
    2. Shootout with time remaining on the clock
    3. Re-set clock to 15 seconds, restart with a shootout
    4. Re-set clock to 5 seconds, restart with a shootout
  3. A goalie takes possession of the ball with his feet within his own penalty area, and maintains the ball within this area for longer than five seconds without playing it to another player. Is this legal?
    1. Yes. He has not used his hands, therefore he may keep the ball in that area with his feet without a time limit
    2. No. He must play the ball out of the area within five seconds of taking possession or release it to another player

Following are an assessor’s outlook:

  1. When the referee whistles for a penalty kick, the lead assistant referee should:
    1. Stand erect with flag between legs pointing down
    2. Stand erect holding the flag across lower body
    3. Move to the intersection of the goal line and goal area line
    4. Move to the corner flag
  2. During the penalty kick, the goalkeeper moved and prevented a goal. The lead assistant referee then:
    1. Waves the flag to get the referee’s attention
    2. Stays in position and signals by holding the flag across the lower body
    3. Raises the flag straight up and waits for referee to acknowledge
  3. If play continues, the lead assistant should:
    1. Quickly resume position to judge offside by sprinting to the corner flag, and then upfield to new position
    2. Wait for a signal from the referee to move to new position
    3. Quickly resume the position to judge offside (cutting the corner of field if necessary), keeping play in view


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