EXOS Athletes’ Performance and North Texas Soccer Olympic Development Program

EXOS Athletes’ Performance is proud to announce its official partnership with North Texas Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP). The announcement celebrates the collaborative effort in strengthening the ODP’s mission to promote positive, competitive and inspiring learning environments that are unique and conducive to the enhanced development of both players and coaches – ultimately equipping all athletes with the mental and physical confidence to one day compete within the National Team and International arenas.

An internationally recognized leader and innovator in the world of athletic performance training, the EXOS performance team has set the standard for providing athletes with cutting-edge training based on the latest in sports science. Featured by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NFL Network, Yahoo Sports and FOX Sports as the global authority and destination for athletes and adults seeking performance training, EXOS has trained many of the top champions and leaders in the world of sports and business.

Guided by its four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery, EXOS programs have supported the U.S. Men’s & Women’s National Soccer Teams, MLS Champions, World Cup Champions, Olympic Champions, All-Stars, MVPs, Draft Picks, All-Americans, All-State and now North Texas Soccer Olympic Development Program athletes.

“My game has improved so much because of the Athletes’ Performance system. I got stronger, I got faster, and I felt my muscles were so much more productive. This has really taken my game to the next level.”
Abby Wambach – USA Women’s Soccer & 2x Olympic Champion

“What we tried to achieve with Athletes’ Performance going toward the World Cup was simply to get their expertise on board to individualize our training. I think soccer in the past always trained every player the same, and I’m totally convinced that you have to go the individual direction. Every athlete is different and in order to get the best out of each player you need to work individually.”
Jurgen Klinnsman – World Cup Soccer Coach

North Texas Soccer ODP athletes and their families looking to reach new performance levels now have access to EXOS’s state-of-the-art facility located in Frisco at FieldhouseUSA. Synergizing with the ODP’s mission to provide superior benefits to their athletes, EXOS’s integrated training, nutrition and recovery programs will improve overall performance and educate ODP athletes on how decisions off the field, between games and at practices, can also improve their overall performance. Equipped with the tools to achieve their greatest results, ODP athletes will have a strengthened awareness on training with confidence.

The partnership also rewards North Texas Soccer ODP parents and coaches with educational lectures, monthly content for www.ntxsoccer.org and “The Pitch.” Additionally, parents and coaches will be educated on nutrition strategies, training methodology, regeneration techniques and “Perfect Day” planning for game day and travel tournaments. North Texas Soccer parents, siblings and athletes may participate within EXOS’s amateur sports and adult performance programs at their partnership rates from Mar. 24-Nov 24, 2014. Whether it is to increase energy levels, run your first 5K, lose ten pounds or just feel stronger – EXOS is here for you as well.

EXOS officially welcomes the North Texas Soccer Olympic Development Program into their family! Together we will continue to ignite and fuel the athletes’ passion for the game. RESULTS HAPPEN HERE…

For additional information please contact Kyle Sheehan at ksheehan@teamexos.com or 214.618.3246 and visit our website at www.athletesperformance.com.

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