North Texas ODP Participates in
TX Lightning Showcase

96/97 Girls Update —
Glen Byway, Head Coach; and Cassidy Acuff, Assistant Coach

The NTX ODP girls took a combined 96/97 team to the Texas Lightning Showcase and ran out a perfect three wins in three games.

With the games being played on good fields, the girls were able to work on possession and playing out from the back, as requested by their coaches, Cassidy Acuff and Glen Byway. Working in the 4-3-3 allowed for the fullbacks to join the attacks and create width, while a solid midfield three supported each other to win possession centrally, move the ball, and join in/create attacking opportunities.  Playing with the three strikers caused each opponent a variety of threats as they improved upon their movement, combinations and crossovers as each game progressed.

First up was the FC Dallas East 96G team. The first half of the game saw the NTX ODP girls have good possession, but FC Dallas looked dangerous on the counter attack/set pieces as they racked up a number of opportunities from corners. Kirsten Lucknow struck first for the ODP girls after nice work wide to create a simple finish opportunity.  FC Dallas equalized before the halftime break.

The second half of the game belonged to NTX ODP as they created more and possessed better.  Peace Garcia scored with a speculative, long-range effort of over 35 yards out after a brilliant surge to win possession just past the half line, and Jessica Rogers scored on a solo effort which flew past the keeper for a 3-1 final score.

The afternoon game was against TDA FC 96G. The girls really started working together. Possession with a purpose and movement off the ball allowed the North Texas girls to dominate on the field. The outside backs were completing runs into the midfield and the forwards created space for the midfield to play balls in behind the defense, giving the girls many scoring opportunities. These girls who had not had practiced together before the tournament figured out the movements and the runs to take advantage and put some really nice goals away. TDA FC put one goal in the back of our net when the wind helped carry it a bit, but the girls came back and put a few more in the net to finish the game with a 5-1 final score.

NTX ODP went into the final game against Alliance United FC 96G looking to continue the good form from the previous day and started very brightly. The wet conditions from the overnight rain caused a slick and quick playing field and with the winds also playing a factor, the ODP girls wasted no time early on as they scored twice in the opening 15 minutes. After a couple of plays into the box and a little pinball, Kirsten Lucknow was able to bundle the ball home for the opener.  Then, after some good wide movement and a cross, Jessica Rogers found the bottom corner for the second goal.

The remainder of the half saw NTX ODP create a number of opportunities, but they were unable to add to their tally. With the windy conditions picking up and favoring Alliance for the second half, they were able to work much more in the offensive half and caused NTX ODP many problems, which the team worked hard to deal with. But, a fantastic strike followed by a wind-assisted second allowed Alliance to tie the game at 2-2.

However, a fantastic tournament performance for the NTX ODP was completed when, in the final minutes, the girls showed true character and development as all three strikers combined to win the game.  Jessica Rogers played in Channing Aachen, who finished off a mazy solo run with the perfect byline pull back to Hailey Logsdon, who finished confidently into the opposite corner for a final score of 3-2.

97 Boys Update - Kevin White, Head Coach

The 97 Boys played in the Texas Lightning Showcase over Easter weekend and had a chance to play against three Classic 1 teams in the process. A few of these players had been together at the North Carolina Sub-Regional event earlier in the year, but there were plenty of new faces on the roster getting their first ODP game experience. The boys lost their first game, 4-2, to Dallas America America Premier 97B, but it was a game that almost had a great comeback from 3-0 down. The boys showed determination all the way to the final whistle.

The second game was a tough, physical match against Arsenal SC Arsenal 97BC. This game was very different from the first. The early pressure led to a 2-0 deficit that could not be overcome. However, once the boys settled into the game, they proved they could handle that type of pressure and counter with their own tough play the rest of the game.

The third game saw a tactical battle between the two teams. The opposing TFC 97B Royal team played very smart as a unit and were difficult to break down. The second half of the game saw TFC break the 1-1 tie and go on to win, 3-1. The ODP boys were pushing numbers forward to get back in it and had a few chances, but were unable to find the finishing touch. Overall, the weekend showed the spirit and determination the boys need to take forward with them as they head to Region III Summer Camp in Tuscaloosa, Ala. in July.

1999 Girls Update – Jeff Hill, Head Coach

The South Texas Friendlies held in College Station in February gave the North Texas ODP 99 Girls an opportunity to test their skills against South Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The 99 GODP opened with a 3-1 win over an athletic Louisiana 99 team. Later in the day, the 99 girls from North Texas beat the Oklahoma 99 team with a convincing 3-0 score. The next morning pitted two rivals against each other as North Texas took on South Texas. North Texas  controlled the game in terms of possession and shots on goal, but was unable to find the scoring touch as the game ended in a scoreless tie. To finish out the weekend, the 99 girls played the top 99 boys team from South Texas. Although they lost, it was their best game of the weekend. The speed of play and physical nature of the game proved to be an invaluable experience.

2000 Girls Update – Head Coach Kim Hemmig

The North Texas 2000 Girls played in the South Texas friendlies in February. The 2000 girls got the opportunity to play teams from South Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The girls did very well on the first day against Oklahoma and Louisiana 2000 girls and even had the opportunity to play against the South Texas 2000 boys.

The first game was against the 2000 Louisiana Girls’ team, whom North Texas beat, 9-0. Then the 2000 girls played a hard-fought but fun game against the South Texas 2000 boys, where the girls were down by two goals but were able to get two late goals and tie the boys. Later in that day, the 2000 girls played Oklahoma 2000 girls. The North Texas girls played with composure and were able to come up with the win. On Sunday, the 2000 North Texas girls where scheduled to play South Texas 2000 girls in the morning, where the rivalry began between the two teams. The North Texas 2000 girls were able to overcome wet field conditions and two injuries to get the win over the South Texas 2000 girls. The rivalry continued in the afternoon, where the North Texas 2000 girls played South Texas 99 girls. This was a true test, since the girls were playing an older team. They were able to keep it close, but in the end lost by one goal to the South Texas 99 girls. Even though the girls ended the weekend with a loss, it was a ewell-played game and the girls were able to play against great competition.

2001 Girls Update – Gary Williamson, Head Coach

This was the first competitive event for the 01 GODP age groups. Girls were selected based on availability for the weekend. Considering the girls had never played a competitive match before, they came together very quickly and performed at a high level, individually and collectively as a team. We were very impressed with the level of skill, drive and desire to compete; the girls played hard and smart.

Cassandra Krumme, 01 GODP Team Admin and parent, had this to say about the event, “I’ve been to many tournaments, faithfully following my player, watching and cheering, doing what soccer parents do. This was no different than all the times before until I realized I was watching soccer played at its best; well, for their age anyway. It was incredible to see the players at such a young age with an awareness of the game, the other players and the coaches around them, while also fitting in so well.

“Once we arrived at the fields, we did the usual things. We found the best parking spot possible in relation to the field, including the panic of finding the right field, and went over the parent/player checklist to make sure she had everything to do her job on the field. Looking around, I saw the other parents doing the same, except with a more hushed reserve about them. Almost like this was a test; everyone (the parents) had studied hard, but was still nervous about blowing it. Why, we (the parents) have no idea. The kids are here playing a game they love to play with a bunch of other kids who love to play, too. However, they didn’t look nearly as nervous as the parents.

“Watching the players, I could see the determination in every face. They talked, laughed and enjoyed themselves while they went through their pre-game rituals. Yes, there was a bit of nervousness noticeable too, but the sense of winning was far stronger. They all fell into step together because no matter the club or team, the pre-game is the same. ‘Hey, we do that too!’ ‘I’ll lead this time, and then you lead and so on down the line.’ ‘Your voice is louder, you count.’ The parents started to beam as they saw their players working together as team.

“The first match began and the competitiveness that comes so naturally to these players was on display. As the players came off the field, it was clear that nothing was being held back. The smiles and laughter that were evident everywhere was proof the players were having the time of their lives … so far.

“Time to refuel, and come back to do it again; three more matches before the weekend is over, three more parking spots to discover, three more chances to go to the wrong field, three more opportunities to forget water, a shin guard, or a sock … three more matches to see the best players around do what they do best. With pleasant breaks between matches to discover all Texas A&M has to offer, the friendships that developed over the weekend will be memories of a lifetime.”

  • 5-0, North TX 01 GODP vs. Oklahoma 01 GODP
  • 4-4, North TX 01 GODP vs. South TX 00 GODP
  • 2-0, North TX 01 GODP vs. South TX 01 GODP
  • 1-6, North TX 01 GODP vs. South TX 01 BODP

The girls will continue training as we make final selections for the Developmental Camp in Oklahoma this summer. We will take four 01 teams and one 00 team to this camp to play against Oklahoma, South Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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