Up Close With Sidekicks Forward
Jamie Lovegrove

While the Dallas Sidekicks are known for indoor soccer greats such as Tatu and Sagu, one of the team’s standout players in this year’s comeback season was a new face, rookie Jamie Lovegrove. The forward led the Sidekicks with 23 goals and 79 shots. His flair on the field, accompanied by his signature mohawk, made Lovegrove a quick fan favorite. Get to know No. 32 as he answers questions about his career and what he likes to do off the pitch …

Q: As a native of England (Lovegrove was born in Crawley), has soccer always been a big part of your life?

A: Definitely. I played youth football from a young age, then moved to professional when I was around 16. I played for Crawley Town FC from 2006 to 2008, then Doncaster Rovers FC from 2008 to 2009, and then came to the US when I was 19 and played for Richland Junior College for two years before coming to the Sidekicks.

Q: What was it like coming to the United States by yourself at such a young age?

A: It was exciting for me because I was ready for a fresh start. My older brother played at Midwestern State and convinced me that I could do well here. It has been great so far.

Q: What do you think of Texas?

A: It’s too hot! Luckily I have gotten used to it. I actually really like it here — Texas is where I'm going to stay, hopefully.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player?

A: I am quite fast and would say that I am pretty good with both feet. I really like to score goals.

Q: How was your first season with the Sidekicks?

A: It was a lot of fun. All of the fans are amazing, and it is so nice to have all of that support during the games and off the field as well. I am really excited to come back, get the stadium packed and go at it again.

Q: What was your favorite moment on the pitch last season?

A: Without a doubt, it was scoring four goals against San Diego. That personal achievement, and then as a team breaking their winning streak, was an amazing feeling.

Q: How are you spending your offseason?

A: I coach for the Texas Tigers FC as well as Youth Elite Soccer. I’m also still going to school, and just spending a lot of time with my friends.

Q: What advice would you give to young soccer players?

A: Never give up. If you have a dream, as long as you always keep trying and working hard, you can achieve it.

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