National “F” Coaching School announced

At the NSCAA/US Youth Soccer workshop this past January, US Youth Soccer announced the National “F” Coaching School.

This new coaching school is the entry point into US Soccer’s National Coaching School program. This new, on-line coaching school is focused on the U6 and U8 parent/volunteer coach and contains topics and video clips of age specific fun activities for the U6 and U8 soccer player.

The on-Line course is hosted by the US Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center (DCC) web site. It takes about two hours to complete in a single setting. The course offers a “stop, start, resume" feature that allows the coach to take the course as their schedule permits.

The fee for this course is $25 payable to US Soccer at registration. The fee includes one-year access to the Digital Coaching Center. The coach has 12 months to complete the course after registration.

The on-Line course has 4 modules: Kick-off, 1st Half, Halftime and 2nd Half. To maximize comprehension and facilitate learning, each module has a series of multiple-choice questions that the coach must answer correctly before moving to the next module. Coaches will have multiple attempts to answer all questions correctly.

As of May 15, 2015, the National “F” Coaching School will become a pre-requisite for the National “E” Coaching School.

This course has no requirements for coaches to attend a field session. At this time, North Texas is investigating the option of conduction a 2-3 hour field session for this course.

To view a promotional video, see this web site;

Check the North Texas web site and the Pitch for updates on this coaching school.