Weak Side? What Weak Side?

Success in soccer is like in basketball and tennis — develop your weak side and become more dynamic, balanced and threatening. The initial steps might feel awkward, but you'll improve quickly with the plan that follows from Scott Piri, director of soccer performance at Athletes' Performance. He lays out drills for the gym and the pitch to become a symmetrical beast.

Training your weaker side is essential for young athletes looking to improve their performance and develop strength and stability for dribbling, passing, crossing and shooting. Think about what you do on the field — almost the entire game is played using only one foot at a time! When running, only one foot at a time is striking the ground; you dribble, pass, and shoot only using one foot at a time; and most times when you jump for a head ball or to make a diving save, you are only jumping off one leg!

Therefore, training each leg individually to be as strong and balanced as possible off the field will help improve your physical performance to better perform your soccer-specific skills on the field.

Click here for tips and exercise videos on how you can train to make both your left and right side strong and stable.

To experience this type of training first hand, contact Athletes' Performance today at 214-618-3246 or info-TX@athletesperformance.com.

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