Dallas Cup XXXIII
Champions Crowned!

Seven teams emerged from an elite field to earn the title of Dallas Cup champions. After the tournament began with 180 teams from 19 different countries and 22 different states.

Congratulations to all participants! From all of us at the Dallas Cup to you, we hope you enjoyed the "Dallas Cup Experience":


Gordon Jago Super Group Coritiba FC (Brazil)
Under 19 Sponsored by Metro PCS-Solar Chelsea U17/18 USSF Academy (USA)
Under 17 Rot Weiss Essen (Germany)
Under 16 OBGC Rangers-(USA)
Under 15 Fullerton Rangers White (USA)
Under 14 Sunrise Elite (USA)
Under 13 United FC Gold (USA)

Dallas Cup cannot happen without our volunteers.
Thank you to our chairs and all the volunteers for making this dream a reality.

Leanne Barker - Receptions Committee Co-Chairperson
Fran Cage - Stadium Ticket Sales Co-Chairperson
Ray Canaveri - Stadium Announcer Co-Chairperson
Rich Carlucci - FCD Complex
Trudi Carlucci - FCD Complex
Bob Coley - Trophies Chairperson
Nancy Coley - Stadium Ticket Sales Co-Chairperson
Linda Contreras - Volunteer Check-in Chairperson
Brian Curnutt - Stadium Volunteer/Referee Hospitality
Krista Curnutt - Stadium Volunteer/Referee Hospitality
Andrew DeLeon - Transportation Co-Chairperson
Tina DeLeon - Transportation Co-Chairperson
Ibrahima "Pape" Diop - Stadium VIP Hospitality Chairperson
David Doyle - Stadium Field
Coleman Duckworth - Winston's Warriors Co-Chairperson
Debbie Duckworth - Stadium Locker Rooms
Frank Filo - Stadium Operations
Mike Flanagan - Stadium P.A. Chairperson
Marsha Flanagan - Stadium Field
Karen Flowers - Photo ID Chairperson
Helen Ford - VIP & Volunteer Parking Co-Chairperson
Kenneth Ford - VIP & Volunteer Parking Co-Chairperson
Goldie Gibson - Referee Credentials Co-Chairperson
Gus Goncalves - Back Office Computer Co-Chairperson
Kyra Goncalves - Back Office Computer Co-Chairperson
Blake Hardgrave - Winston's Warriors Co-Chairperson
Julie Hardgrave - Stadium Locker Rooms
Ray Hirschowitz - Data Control Chairperson
Kevin Housing - Winston's Warriors Co-Chairperson
Ramone Infante - Stadium Field
Donna Jones - Receptions Committee Co-Chairperson
Mary Kaipus - Referee Credentials/Co-Chairperson
Laurie Kammerer - Communications Chairperson
Kevin King - Anthems and Flags Chairperson
Linda King - Stadium Club VIP Chairperson
Kathy Mancha - College Coaches Chairperson
Abel Mancha - Movers and Shakers
Ciro Martinez - Stadium Announcer Co-Chairperson
Kristen McClure - Data Control
Jason Medlin - Fields Complex Director
Rita Medlin - Fields Chairperson
Julie Mendez - Ticket Taker Chairperson
Jim Mills - Referee Chairperson
Suma Napper - Registration Chairperson
Jon Nieman - Complex Director
Nicole Nieman - Food/Refreshments
Bill O'Dwyer - Referee HomeStay Co-Chairperson
Lisa O'Dwyer - Referee HomeStay Co-Chairperson
Mayra Ortiz - Stadium Program Sales Co-Chairperson
Georgry Ostrander - Referee Field Coordinator Richland Complex
Preston Pomykahl - Ball Boys Chairperson
John Pratt - Financial Chairperson
Daniel Robertson - Social on Media Chairperson
Daniel Robertson - Media Co-Chairperson
Kathy Rudd - Data Control/Vol. Coordinator
Ruth Sanchez - Stadium Program Sales Co-Chairperson
Jennifer Sanders - Dallas Texans Volunteer
Cari Tanner - Casino Chairperson
Ryan Tanner - Stadium Field
Jodi Tibbetts - DID
Rita Trickel - FCD Complex
Donna Turner - Tickets
Marianne Vines - Registration Chairperson
Teddi Weil - Player Hospitality Chairperson
Allen Whitelock - Team Packet Co-Chairperson
Lorrie Whitelock - Team Packet Co-Chairperson
Kay Willard - Team Packet Co-Chairperson
Bob Winston - Media Hospitality
McKenzie Winston - Media Hospitality

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