US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Girls
National Training Camp

Four North Texas girls were among the attendees at the 2015 US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Girls National Training Camp, which took place Jan. 22-27 at Seminole Soccer Complex in Sanford, Fla. More than 200 top athletes were selected from the 1999, 2000, 2001 age groups to represent each of the four US Youth Soccer Regions.

Training was led by U.S. Soccer Staff Coach and Marantha Baptist University Coach, Jeff Pill, who has over 40 years of experience in the sport and has worked with the Women’s National Teams at both the youth and senior levels. Numerous college coaches attended the National Training Camp throughout the week, as well as U.S. Soccer scouts.

The Girls National Training Camp focused on highlighting players’ individual talents, as well as providing them with new tools and ideas through challenging daytime training and small-sided games. Players received the opportunity to work alongside some of the nation’s top coaches to enhance their problem-solving skills within the game, and further their technical and tactical abilities. US Youth Soccer ODP has continued its tradition of elite competition and player development for more than 35 years, and is the only development program that can claim members of Major League Soccer, the National Women’s Soccer League, and a majority of current and past national and youth national team members as alumni. US Youth Soccer ODP is the nation's original player-identification program, and with programs in all 55 US Youth Soccer State Associations, is available to any player, regardless of hometown or club affiliation. To learn more about the North Texas State Soccer Association ODP program, please visit

The following are descriptions from the four NTX ODP 01 Girls who attended the US Youth Soccer ODP Girls National Training Camp in Florida, with specific reference to how the ODP has benefitted their soccer educations:

"ODP has been an extraordinary opportunity for me. Most soccer players do not understand that ODP supports your club and its commitments. ODP is an exciting extra benefit which gives you extra opportunities to be seen by college coaches and scouts, to travel and see other places, learn from different coaches, meet many new people and test your skills. ODP has given me so many experiences, such as traveling to ODP events, State Camp, twice to Regional Camp (once with the older girls and once with my age group) and National Camp. I can honestly say that I have been tested even harder during these events, because I had to play my game and show my skill with girls I did not know. You don’t know these girls and you have no prior connection or chemistry with them. This makes it even more exciting when you see that it all works out on the field, because it demonstrates you know your game! I want to say thank you to ODP for all these experiences and teachings, and all my new friends."
-Reyna Reyes, 01 GODP

"My name is Vida and I am from Dallas. I have just visited Florida for the Olympic Development Program. The experience was amazing! Not only did I get to see talent from different states, but I also got to make strong bonds with people from my state, and also from other states. When I started the ODP program, I never thought it would take me to so many different places. The experience has been enormous and invaluable. In Florida, we trained two times a day and sometimes played games. We got to work under a variety of different coaches, which helped me to experience different styles at a higher level that, in return, will help me in my soccer career. It definitely was an opportunity that will help me grow as a player and as a person."
-Vida Raietparvar, 01 GODP

"The benefits of the ODP National Training Camp were being able to play soccer with many different players across the country, learning how to improve from my mistakes, and experiencing different skill levels of the game. I really enjoyed learning new things from different coaches each day and getting feedback on my style of play. I also enjoyed getting to know the girls from all over the U.S., and seeing the differences and similarities of their style of play compared to what we have in Texas. I thank ODP for helping with my skills and helping me to learn my position better. ODP has really benefited me and is helping me reach my goal for the future."
-Angie Machado, 01 GODP

"Since I joined ODP a few years ago, I have been given some great instructions from all the different coaches who have helped train me. I have always looked forward to my ODP trainings, because of its fast-paced environment and getting to play against some of the best players from all across North Texas. I have made many friends from my time in ODP, and have met players from all around the country with whom I keep in contact to this day. I have traveled to new places across the country that I will never forget, and would never have had the opportunity of seeing new sights and testing my soccer ability against others in this country, had it not been for ODP."
-Haley Sorrell, 01 GODP