National Signing Day

Tristen Putnam and Darius Strambler, NTX 96 BODP players, signed with Lubbock Christian University on National Signing Day. Tristen and Darius participated in the North Texas State Soccer Association ODP program 2012-13. Both boys attended 2013 Region III Camp in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where Darius was selected to the Region III ODP player pool. In November 2013, both boys competed at the Copa Rayados Internacional on the NTX 96 BODP team. While at the event, Tristen and Darius were seen by an LCU coach Tristen had been in contact with.

“Tristen's experience with the NTX 96 BODP state team has been such a great time,” says Paul Putnam, Tristen’s father. “Because of the events that the team participated in, Tristen gained valuable exposure to many colleges and universities. I appreciate the coaching and positive environment that Coach JT and Coach Sammy provided. It was shown by how the team improved and performed.”

NTX, OK, LA, & STX ODP Compete in College Station ODP Friendlies

2000 Girls Coaches: Jeff Hill, Kim Hemmig, & Matt Callaway

The 2000 ODP Girls State teams posted an impressive 6-2-1 record in the South Texas Friendlies held in College Station over the weekend of Feb. 7-9.

"NTX 2000 Matt" had an impressive win against a strong Oklahoma side, winning 1-0, tied Louisiana, 0-0, and fell to a strong South Texas first team, 3-0. "NTX 2000 Kim" won all three of its games, outscoring opponents 11-1. "NTX 2000 Jeff" started slow, with a defeat to South Texas, but bounced back for convincing victories against Oklahoma (1-0) and Louisiana (6-0). 

All in all, it was a successful weekend for the 2000 ODP girls age group in College Station. It was nice to have games against other states in the region and see how we measure up. We saw areas where we did well, particularly with our strong defensive shape that we have been training for the entire fall season, but we also saw areas which need improvement. We will look to address those concerns in the spring season to be ready for the competition at Region III ODP Camp in July at full force. 

We experimented greatly within the matches with a 4-4-2 formation and the ideas of low and high pressure. The teams as a whole grasped the concepts well, especially that of high pressure, and that is a tribute to the high soccer I.Q. of the girls who participated in the event.

Ultimately, we view the weekend as a success. We played good soccer and improved with every game, which is all we can ask for at this point in the process. We (2000 Girls coaches) want to thank the players and parents for a great weekend, and their continued support of their daughters and the North Texas ODP.

2001 Girls Coach: Kristina Corona

Game 1 – Tied 2-2 vs. STX 2001-01
The 2001–01 team executed a possession-oriented game plan throughout the weekend, coming up undefeated for a 1-0-2 weekend overall. The girls utilized communication and organization on the field, which aided in much success for the team. The girls strung together consistent passing combinations which allowed the team to move freely up and across the field. The game was a hard-fought battle the entire 60 minutes for the 2-2 draw.

Game 2 – Won 4-1 vs. OK 2001-01
The 2001-01 team continued to hit their stride as the girls really came together in the second game. The team was able to perform at a higher level as the speed of play started to increase. The passing accuracy between the girls was great and the team really worked together to seal the 4-1 victory over Oklahoma.

Game 3 – Tied 1-1 vs. STX 2000-02
The 2001-01 team played a year up in the final game of the weekend versus South TX 2000-02 team. The girls fought a hard battle to come back from an 0-1 deficit to tie the game at 1-1. NTX 2001-01 had a few chances to take the lead within the final few minutes, which made it an exciting game to watch until the end. Great job girls!! Proud of you all!

2001 Girls Coach: Angelina Pane

The South Texas Friendlies may have not been the brightest and warmest of days for soccer, but nothing held back the North Texas ODP 01 girls! The first game was bright and early with an 8 a.m. kick off. At halftime, the score was tied, 1-1. After a few modifications, the team looked stronger, scoring early to take the lead, 2-1. Two unfortunate breakdowns left them team down 3-2 by the end of the game. They fought to the very end, hitting the post on a last-chance shot. The girls passed well, maintaining possession for the majority of the game. They were able to learn a valuable lesson that complacency throughout a game can impact the end result. Although, they were not willing to allow a tough loss to control their weekend!

The second game on Saturday was against the Oklahoma 02 girls! The focus of this game was building from the back to the midfield. They got the kinks out in the first game, and came ready to possess and work together. By 12:30 p.m., the game came to a close and the 01 girls had defeated their opponent, 5-0! Midfielders Sydney, Emma and Ashton maintained possession throughout the midfield and played multiple through balls that allowed for scoring opportunities.


The last game on Saturday against Oklahoma was a true test, being the third game in one day. The focus of this game was to play smart, maintain possession and work as a unit both defending and attacking. The NTX 01 girls shocked their fans as they came out early and went up 2-0. The back line and midfield moved the ball well, allowing for great opportunities in the attack. Despite heavy legs, forwards Mallory, Josie, Kailson, Bailey and Natalie took advantage of those opportunities and capitalized, twice in the first half and three times in the second. The team really worked well together, proving they could compete and have fun doing it! 

Sunday was the final test for the team, as they competed against the South Texas top 01 team. Fifteen minutes into the game, the NTX girls had scored off of two corner kicks. Just before the first half ended, one of the attacking midfielders played a great through ball that an outside forward was able to run onto and sink in the net. At halftime, the score was 3-2, NTX. In the second half, NTX had the kick-off and played the ball all the way back to their right back. From the right back, they built up through the midfield to the forwards, and 10 passes later, the NTX girls had struck again! The girls used their new tactics of building through the back and found great success by the end of the weekend! 

Overall, the weekend was outstanding. The girls played very well and used many of their new tactics they learned in training. We are excited for spring and the future! 

Game one vs. South Texas 1st

Lauren Kellet was able to hold on to a shutout in the first half despite us not being able to maintain possession. The girls were able to get seven shots on goal when they broke the halfway line. We needed to find width from our outside forwards to have more success. Center holding forward, Jessica Rodriquez, found outside winger, Reagan Powell, to create one very dangerous chance on goal.

During the second half, they gave up a goal from a brief moment of poor organization in the defensive third, but the girls responded well and started moving the ball through the midfield. Holding mid Emily Reyna, was able to connect well with the attacking midfield and forward players, allowing us to possess the ball, but the game ended 0-1 in favor of South Texas.

Game two vs. Oklahoma 1st

The girls came out to play Saturday afternoon, dominating the first half, putting three goals on Oklahoma. Lauren Kellet held us to 3-0 at the half. Leah Chancey and Hailey McGee moved the ball well in the midfield, allowing us to possess much of the half. The outside backs were able to join the attack, helping us keep Oklahoma pinned in their defensive third. Haylee Spray was able to get high and wide on the left side of the field, allowing us to get into the 18-yard box.

During the second half, it only took one time for the girls to get caught flat defensively, allowing Oklahoma to break into our 18-yard box and put in a goal. The girls rallied and quickly responded, scoring a goal pounded in by defensive midfielder Emily Reyna. The girls’ attacking organization started to shape up, and with width the girls became more dangerous in the attacking third. Attacking midfielders Leah Chancey and Hailey McGee found outside backs Hannah Dunlap and Madeleine Starrett wide to stretch the game, which ended 4-1.

Game Three vs. South Texas 2nd

The ladies came out ready to play again, dictating much of the game. They held South Texas in their own attacking half for much of the first 30 minutes. The girls executed the game plan, finding forward Reagan Powell high and wide. Reagan gave us dangerous pace on the outside, making it hard for South Texas. The ladies came out of the half 3-0, allowing South Texas only two shots on goal.

When the second half started, the girls again set the tone and took control of the game. The girls were able to possess and attack South Texas’s half, creating some very dangerous opportunities on goal. During the half, players were given the opportunity to test out a few new positions. Even with the changes, the girls found the goal twice more. Kaitlyn Krejci held a shout out for the half. The game ended at 5-0.

2002/2003 Girls Coaches: Lauren Alkek & Kelsey Devonshire

Overall, the NTX 02-2nd team girls had an awesome weekend. Kaitlyn Giametta scored four goals while Cienna Soerens had three, Alli Holder had three, Miranda Cairns and Sydney Pierce each had one. These goals were a result of total team performance that gradually became better with each half of every game. 

The first game was a true test. It felt as if it was 20 degrees outside, but that didn't stop them from producing a win. With this being their first weekend playing together as a team, they started a little slow against a strong South Texas 02-2, but once they figured out they needed to spread out and utilize the whole field, it was all downhill from there. Right forward Landry Worsham actually displayed knowledge of getting wide, which got the team's mindset in the right place.

The first half ended at 0-0, but once the second half rolled around, they were playing like a new team. During the second half, they showed way more confidence — not only in themselves, but also in their teammates around them, passing, moving and communicating to each other. About midway through the second half, they found the back of the net. You could tell by the celebration that they were ready to finish out the game, and that they did. Both goalkeepers, Claire Shaver and Caitlin Bishop, kept a shutout and the game came to a close with a 1-0 win against a STX team that played very well. 

The second game was at 4 p.m. that same day against Oklahoma's 02-2 team, who started well but couldn't hold on. Our NTX girls walked onto the field with a much bigger stature than the game before, which showed within the first 10 minutes when they put their first goal in the back of the net. There were no signs of them slowing down, either. With strong communication from center-back Kourtney Stebbing, they were able to decisively move the ball along the back line until they found an opening to go forward. The ball moved smoothly through midfielders Miranda Cairns, Alli Holder and Sydney Frady, who possessed it for the majority of the game.

When it came time for the forwards to shine, they knew exactly what to do. Central forward Kaitlyn Giametta out-dribbled girls twice her size, while outside forward Gabi Trevino made runs that confused the opponent's defense. Their ball movement and knowledge of the game put them up 4-0 at half, but they weren't done yet! The second half began with a bang. It was 6-0 before they knew it and they soon began to have fun with the game, allowing left outside back Sydney Pierce to record her first goal, making it 7-0. Two more goals hit the net for the NTX girls before the game was over. Even though the game ended at 9-0, center-back Ashli Galupi and right outside back Jordan Tucker held strong through Oklahoma's last couple attempts, allowing goalkeepers Caitlin Bishop and Claire Shaver to record shutout number two.

The third and final game on Sunday at 11 a.m. was the biggest challenge they faced all weekend. Their opponent — the massive Louisiana 01-2 team. After a brief chalk talk before the game, they stepped onto the field with the attitude that bigger isn't always better. Throughout the game, there wasn't much offensive action, but Kaitlyn Giametta showcased her skills once again by skillfully dribbling the ball past her opponent and continuing on with her run. Attacking mids Lauren Tyson and Alli Holde, displayed great physicality against girls that were twice their size, all while keeping possession of the ball. The NTX girls proved they knew how to possess by allowing the ball do the work and not forcing anything, which eventually led to a goal. Half-time came with the score 1-0 in favor of NTX and Caitlin Bishop was a huge reason for that, coming out multiple times playing as if she was six feet tall.

Once the second half got underway, left forward Cienna Soerens and center forward Miranda Cairns pressed the ball up the field and tested Louisiana's goalkeeper multiple times, coming close to a second goal. They were winning, 1-0, until the last eight minutes, when Louisiana handed out the first goal against Claire Shaver and the NTX girls, ending the game, 1-1. With that being said, they were still undefeated, with Caitlin Bishop having a shutout throughout the whole weekend. 

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