Don’t Forget to Thank Your Assessor

Have you ever thought about the time and effort that the assessor puts into evaluating your match performance?

The assessor must prepare for the assessment just as you have to prepare for your match. Once at the site, the assessor must be certain that he has all the information needed from the referee crew to complete the assessment. Even before the match starts, the assessor is checking many of the same things that the referee crew should be checking — nets, goals (anchored), field markings, players’ equipment and more.

Once the match starts, the assessor must concentrate not only on each of the three officials’ performances, but also the players and coaches and the effect the referee crew has on their thinking. The assessor observes, seeing what is working well for the referee, as well as any areas where the referee crew could improve their performance.

After the match, the assessor must, in a timely manner, communicate with the referee crew to give and receive input, so that all involved understand how the referees can put the suggestions to good use. The assessor then must put all this information down on the evaluation form and send to each of the referee crew, reconfirming the discussion and providing notes for the referee to refer back to as they strive to improve their officiating skills.

These dedicated assessors do this for the improvement and advancement of the referee program. They are there strictly to help you improve. So, as you continue to work and improve as a referee, not only thank your assessors for what they do, but consider becoming an assessor and giving even more back to the game.

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