Two Components of Training:
Skill and Performance

By Michael Cummings

Warm-up. Train. Recover. These are the three requirements of a successful training session that will help you prepare your body to perform and reduce the likelihood of injury, so you are ready for your sport.

If you missed the importance of a well-designed warm-up, take a quick read before getting into this blog on training.

We look at training in two parts: skill training and performance training. Skill training focuses on developing skills that are specific to your sport, be it basketball, football, soccer, baseball or golf. This includes things like throwing and shooting accuracy in baseball and basketball, head positioning and keeping your eye on the ball in golf, trapping and passing technique in soccer.

Athletic performance focuses on developing the athlete’s motor abilities specific to their sport, emphasizing three key metrics that underpin all sports: speed and agility, strength and power, and fitness and conditioning.

In other words, to be a complete athlete, you have to have a training strategy comprised of skill and performance. For example, a football player would focus on speed, agility and footwork as part of their performance training, and would also run routes, catch passes, and work on plays as part of their skill training.

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