North Texas Assessor Days Can Benefit Your Association

By Rod Curry
State Director of Assessments

Soccer Association Presidents and Administrators: are you aware of the North Texas Assessor Day Program and know what it is?

The NTX Assessor Day Program is a great program for your association to take advantage of, as it provides you with the following:

• Experienced NTX assessors (former and current referees) to   observe your association referees for a half- game each at   your association fields/complex

• NTX assessors for a full or half a day on Saturday and/or   Sunday, depending on your needs and schedule

• Feedback to each referee, where he/she can improve and develop their abilities to referee and   manage games based on age group, skills and gender

• Verbal and written feedback to the referees; the association contact also receives a written   summary of all the referees’ performances.


1. Coaches, teams and spectators will notice the efforts that the association puts into improving and developing the referees' skills and, in turn, a better soccer experience for all involved.

2. USSF and FIFA continue to further define certain Laws of the Game throughout the year, and send out updates for referees’ awareness on how to apply these new interpretations. In many cases, these new updates do not make it to each association and referee; thus, they continue to utilize and apply older methods instead of current ones. NTX assessors on Assessor Day have the opportunity to bring your association’s referees up to speed on current applications of the Laws, and ensure they understand it as it applies to their own game and association.

3. Give your referees the opportunity to ask questions about their own specific experiences and gain greater knowledge and perspective from the assessors’ experiences.

4. Ensure that your association’s referees are all on the same page in how they apply the Laws of the Game within your own Association.

5. Provide an additional source of information and/or contact if and when referees have additional questions.

How does it work?

1. Program cost is $75 per assessor/per day, OR two assessors for half a day

2. Click here for forms, then go to "Assessor Day Request Form."

3. Follow the instructions to complete them form and send it in.

4. If you have any questions about the Assessor Day Program, please contact Kathy Sexton at the NTX State Office or contact Rod Curry at

Some associations have an Assessor Day set up on a regular basis each soccer season to further reinforce the positive development of their referees. I hope you will take advantage of this valuable program and have a great season.