2012: A Year of New Programming and Modifications in Coaching Education

Coaches and local youth associations in North Texas Soccer will see several modifications in Coaching Education this year. Some refinements have been revealed and some are yet to be revealed. The federation (USSF), US Youth Soccer (USYS) and North Texas Soccer are the sources for these modifications.

The newest addition to our coaching education programming will be an On-Line Coaching Clinic hosted by US Youth Soccer (USYS). USYS has an On-Line Coaching Education platform featuring administration/management tools along with content delivery for various courses.

Two courses are currently available: “The Parents Guide: An Introduction to Youth Soccer,” (pdf) and the U6-U8 Youth Coaching Module. The U6-U8 Youth Coaching Module is the lecture (theory) part similar to the North Texas “G” Coaching Clinic lecture. The on-line lecture follows the National Youth License lecture for this age group. Other age group modules will follow in 2012.

Upon completing the on-line portion, a coach will need to attend a field session to complete the Coaching License requirement. Local associations will request a field session similar to the way they currently request a coaching clinic. A “pilot” is planned for selected associations for the Spring 2012 education cycle, with full implementation for the Fall 2012 education cycle.

The federation has also announced significant changes and updates to the USSF “E” Coaching School and License process. Changes include pre-course assignment, use of video in the lecture, and the requirement of the coach to pass a practical coaching test. A National “E” Coaching License will be required to attend the National “D” Coaching School. Those North Texas coaches currently holding a State “E” Coaching license will be “grandfathered” into the National “E” Coaching School. As of January 2012, North Texas will no longer offer a State “E” Coaching Clinic or License. A Youth Modules coaching clinic for the U12/U14 age group is planned for the Fall 2012.

North Texas conducts two other National Coaching Schools, the National “D” and “C.” Changes to these two coaching schools are expected to be announced at the USYS Annual Workshop in February 2012. Changes to the National “D” Coaching School are expected to be similar to the changes to the National “E” Coaching School. Waivers to the National “D” Coaching School will all but disappear. The National “C” Coaching School has also announced changes to the registration process to be implemented in 2012.

For North Texas, the re-branding of coaching clinics and licenses has become obvious. The re-branding will move North Texas away from the restrictive alphabet letter format to a format that identifies an age group and “youth” as a target, i.e. “ Youth Module”. This will allow North Texas to easily adapt the on-line courses from USYS and add age-specific state clinics/licenses in the new branding format. An example, the “G” Coaching Clinic/License will be re-branded to “U6-U8 Youth Module”. By-laws changes at the AGM will be needed to recognize new and old license branding.

If you have any questions, please contact me at fjones@ntxsoccer.org.

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