ODP Competes at FC Dallas Showcase

The ODP program is a year-round program involving training, competitive games and summer Region III Trials. ODP is birth-year pure, going by calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31), rather than by soccer year (U-17, U-16, etc.). This means a child born in 1997 is a ‘97 in ODP, a child born in 1998 is a ‘98 in ODP, and so on.

This year, children born in 1997-2003 are eligible for participation in the ODP program. In ODP, we strive to expose our players to as many college coaches and opportunities to help them advance in their soccer career as possible. This year, we entered our two oldest age groups (‘97s and ‘98s) in college showcases. The boys were entered in three showcases and the girls were entered in two. We reported on the Boys Copa Rayados Showcase in the January issue of The Pitch, which may be found at the following link: http://ntexas.bestsoccerever.com/0114/.

Below is a report from the FC Dallas Showcase held Mar. 7-9, 2014.

Head Coach, John “JT” Thomas: ‘97 Boys
Game one – NTX 97 Boys vs Kansas City SC (KCSC Black stars 96/97)(Score 0-3) The Adidas Advocare Showcase was a well-run tournament at Toyota Soccer Center in Frisco. The goal of participating in this tournament for the ODP 97 boys’ team was to have teams paired up with opponents that would provide worthwhile competition. Our first game was played against the No. 2 96/97 team from Kansas City, Mo. The first half score was 0-1. The Kansas City team provided us with a high level of pressure and excellent, technically skilled players. They were more physical in their play, but maintained possession of the ball as the key to their attacking game. To our positive, we were able to maintain possession of the ball by playing out of the back into midfield and combining with our forwards into the final third. The boys played well, but could not find the back of the net. The stats tell the story:

  • Shots on Goal: 12 — Tristan Campbell-1, Caleb Cohen-3, Chase Griffen-3, Braylen Hollins-1, Hayden Watson-2, Abel Ibanez-1, and Luis Chia-1
  • Corner kicks for: 3; Corner kicks allowed: 0
  • Fouls for: 1; Fouls against: 2
  • Goalkeeper: Alastair Stark (first half)— Saves-5, Goals against-1; Liam Sartor (second half) Saves-2, Goals against-3

Game Two – NTX 97 Boys vs FC Dallas U17 Elite (Mexico) (Score 0-2)
This game was played against a talented FC Dallas team from Mexico. The style of play for both teams was very similar. There was a lot of possession of the ball played out of the back. The first half score was 1–0, FC Dallas. During the second half, our team were able to create many scoring opportunities through their combination plays and group defense. The boys applied lots of pressure in the midfield, enabling the team to maintain and force the FC Dallas team to play more defense than offense.

  • Shots on Goal: 9 — Tristan Campbell-1, Caleb Cohen-1, Abel Ibanez-2, C.J. Linn-3, Luis Chia-2
  • Corner kicks for: 8; Corner kicks allowed: 3
  • Goalkeeper: Alastair Stark (first half) — Saves-2, Goals against-1; Liam Sartor (second half) — Saves-1, Goals against-1

Game three – NTX 97 Boys vs Eclipse 97B Premier (TXS) (Score 1-4)
The Eclipse 97 team played more of a direct attack, which may have confused North Texas players, as they are being taught to maintain possession of the ball. This last game found the NTX 97 BODP team with four injured players and no subs. This resulted in loss of group play and communication. The team was able to maintain their style of play at different points of the game, which enabled them to score a nice goal from outside of the 18. Overall, the Showcase was a great training opportunity for the boys and we would gladly play again, but hopefully with few different results.

  • Shots on Goal: 22 — Tristan Campbell-3, Bobby Carlton- 4, Caleb Cohen-2, Jorge Gutierrez- 3, Abel Ibanez- 2, C.J. Linn- 2, Tristan Pennington-3, Luis Chia-3
  • Goals scored: Tristan Campbell-1
  • Corner kicks for: 3;Corner kicks allowed: 4
  • Fouls for: 1; Fouls against: 1
  • Goalkeeper: Alastair Stark (first half) Saves-2; Goals against–2; Liam Sartor (second half) Saves-1

Head Coach, Tyler Powell: ‘97 Girls
The 97 Girls ODP team participated in the FC Dallas Showcase. We finished 1-2 over three games, scoring six goals during the tournament. All in all, the team played well and received several looks from various colleges.  

In the first game, we played a team from South Dakota and lost, 2-0. This was probably the best game we played having the better play during the match. We were unlucky not to score, but they were able to put together a nice play for the go-ahead goal. We tried to push everyone up in the attack and were countered in the last minute.

In our second game, we were able to find the back of the net for a 3-1 victory. We played a local team, Andromeda 97G, and were dominant from the get-go, with an opening goal in the first five minutes.  

Our third game was full of goals. We played a team from Norman, Okla., NYSA Fury, and lost, 5-3. It was a tale of two halves, with us going into half time up 3-1. After a few injuries, our opponent was able to find the net four times in the second half to secure the victory.

Head Coach, Kevin White: ‘98 Boys
The 1998 boys posted a 1-2-0 record at the FC Dallas Showcase the weekend of March 7-8. We played three teams from three different states. Against a strong Colorado Rush side, our boys were physically outmatched, as Colorado had quite a few athletic players. Our boys competed well, however, and only conceded one goal, off a corner kick. That was all Colorado needed, as they edged out a 1-0 victory.

The North Texas squad bounced back in great fashion, beating Kansas City SC Blackstars, 4-2, in convincing fashion. Going up 3-0 before the team from Kansas was able to get one back was a fantastic response from a tough first game. The third game saw us matched up against the strongest of the three teams in the bracket. Louisiana Fire deserved the 4-1 win in the third and final game. They were very athletic and pressed our boys well. There was no quit from the North Texas team, as they fought all the way to the final whistle.

Overall, there were lots of good moments for the '98 squad. Playing against older, bigger and more athletic competition, they proved that playing good technical soccer can bring success. We played in a 4-3-3 formation all weekend and were able to create many scoring chances by building play out of the back and into the midfield and final third. We will look to continue to keep the positive things going and improve in some areas. This was a fantastic weekend for the boys to gain some cohesion and have a chance to be evaluated not only by the North Texas coaches but by college coaches from all over as well. We will look to continue our success and development in upcoming tournaments and ODP events as we near the final event of the year at the 2014 Regional Camp. Thank you to all the players and parents who made the commitment to be a part of the ODP program this weekend. 

Head Coach, Kenny Jones: ‘98 Girls We had a very talented group that participated in the FC Dallas Showcase. The showcase served a few purposes.

  • 1. To continue our spring training focus of building out of the back in tournament setting.
  • 2. To evaluate the players and give them proper feedback for the upcoming summer Region III Camp.
  • 3. To allow the girls the opportunity to display their talents in front of college coaches from across the country.

In the first game, against Cajun CSC Rage, the girls played well while getting to know each other and implementing our plan for the game. The girls had the majority of the possession, and progressively improved as time went on. Their movements off the ball and passing became more fluid. They created many chances, primarily by crossing the ball from wide areas, but failed to finish any of their chances in the 80 minutes of play. We ended up tying 0-0 to a solid team with good individual players.

In the second game, against Austin Texans, it was obvious the girls were getting more comfortable playing with each other. The girls responded well to the plan for our second game, and scored the first goal of the tournament within two minutes of kickoff. They scored again off a corner kick later in the game. They did give up a goal in the 2nd half, but it didn't detract from the quality of their play. They played a quality team that was threatening for parts of the game. The girls were definitely more purposeful with their possession and more intentional about setting up scoring opportunities near the box. The game ended with a 2-1 win.

For the most part, the girls picked up where they ended the last game against Baton Rouge SC. They continued to improve in everything they were asked to do. They definitely showed they were more comfortable playing together as they possessed the ball well and defended better as a collective. They scored two impressive goals, even though one was called back, but created multiple chances throughout the game. They defeated an impressive team from Baton Rouge, 1-0.

Overall, it was a positive experience and great weekend for the girls. I had several college coaches comment about the quality of the players and how well they played together. It was impressive to see how well they learned and actually implemented it so quickly, both individually and collectively.

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